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Get to know Terry Wollman

What is your first musical memory?

Growing up in Miami, I remember being at school outside in the play ground and hearing this amazing music drift through the air. I walked towards the sound, which was coming from a  limo parked under a tree in the shade, and heard “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” for the first time, sung by Otis Redding… And I was hooked.

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What or whom do you go to for musical inspiration?

Living and working in Los Angeles since 1981 has exposed me to amazing music and musicians. I listen to what my peers are writing and also find out who they are listening to. I have learned how important it is to go back to the original source for musical inspiration. If you like the Stones, then you might like Muddy Waters. I also am inspired by traveling and experiencing the sounds and cultures of the world. Dig deep for inspiration.

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Who is the most interesting person you have met?

President Barack Obama. No contest.[

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Stones or Beatles?

Beatles… However, reading “Life” by Keith Richards has changed a few things for me.[su_spacer size=”20″]

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